Book-keeping Services

We can help you with all your general book-keeping requirements, either at your offices or at our office in Neston, Wirral.  You may require help to write up your records or need us to add the finishing touches to information on your accounting system in order to create your own management information.

If you do not employ a book-keeper, then we can take up the role or help you recruit the right person for your business.  You may also wish to consider our hosted accounting solutions. We can also provide free of charge a basic book-keeping software package.

Hosted Desktop Accounting

A hosted desktop is an alternative to owning your own server. By moving data and application software such as Sage and Microsoft Office to a “cloud” server the considerable capital costs of ownership are replaced by a monthly rental. Backups, virus protection etc. and software upgrades are all provided in our cloud accounting services. A laptop or desktop computer with internet access is all that is needed for hosted accounting services. The local computer can be a cheap “thin client” as almost all the processing is done on the server. We have an arrangement with a Hosted Desktop supplier which we can pass on to clients (and which we use ourselves).

The Boxed Office

This is a specialist book-keeping solution providing an electronic alternative to traditional filing and book-keeping systems. A computer, a scanner and a broadband connection are required. We then collect the data via software provided and process and store it. It significantly cuts down the requirement for traditional filing cabinets, book-keeping software and expensive in-house book-keeping expertise. It can be used effectively in conjunction with the Hosted Desktop service above. It can also be used together with on site visits from our personnel, if a complete hand holding service is needed. Reports are tailored to your requirements. These would typically include aged debtors, creditors, cash and monthly management accounts on an almost real time basis.